Peter Haynes of Cairns with a nice Russell River Queenfish.Barramundi love flies
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Fly of the Month

jighook clouser minnow

The 60 degree jig hook clouser minnow has been working extremely well for a number of Cairns fly fishers. Learn how to tie this fly or order some in your favourite colours.


Want to pay less than cost for your flies?? well Flyology is the place to get great bargains without leaving home!


Checkout the great pictures of fly caught fish, and if you catch yours on a flyology fly, you could win a free Flyology flies!


flyology wind on leaders

Flyology wind on leaders are the best value for money wind on leaders on the market in Australia. Our wind on leaders are better priced, have a superior construction and available in a huge variety of popular leader materials.



Need top quality saltwater flies? Well go no further, here at flyology saltwater and tropical flies I tie all the flies myself, all tied by a fly fisherman for fly fishers. I don't import cheap flies from overseas, I am definitely not a retail outlet that buys cheap mass produced flies that fall apart, grossly inflate the price and then flog them off to make a quick dollar. Flyology flies are professionally tied on your choice of hook: either top quality stainless steel, environmentally friendly nickel plated, or high carbon steel saltwater fly hooks.

I make saltwater flies and tropical freshwater flies for much sought after tropical freshwater species such as Barramundi, Jungle Perch, Tarpon, Sooty Grunter, Saratoga, and Mangrove Jack just to name a few. We also have flies for Bass, Estuary Perch, Tuna, Tailor,  Bream and a enormous variety of other Aussie battlers. You will find a  huge assortment of saltwater flies all readily accessible to you in the online store, flies to suit an unlimited variety of fishing applications. So whether you are fishing Tropical North Queensland, Port Phillip Bay in Victoria,  the Kimberley in West Australia, we can supply you with flies that match the hatch.

Even if you travel overseas to the East coast of  the USA, the flats of Belize, New Caledonia or any other fantastic exotic location you can find a pattern here on my website that suits your needs. In stock and tie an assortment of Australian native freshwater flies, Barramundi flies, Tuna flies, flats flies, prawn flies, Tarpon flies, shrimp flies, even bonefish flies and billfish flies, a fly for virtually every saltwater fly fishing situation. We offer you the best quality saltwater flies available for Australian saltwater fly fishing and native freshwater fly fishing, fly patterns that have been proven all around the globe. 

Our quality guarantee to you: our flies will not fall apart with normal casting. The eye of the hook will not be covered even partially with thread, so it is an easy process to tie one of our flies on.  Tied by a fly fisher for saltwater fly fishing. All flies are tied to be symmetrical and balanced. Custom colours available on request.

Choose what style or brand of hook you want, you can even request your favourite pattern tied on a hook of your preference. We make flies to catch fish, not to grab a quick buck. Here at Flyology  we guarantee our flies will catch fish, all you have to do is cast them in the right spot and hang on!

So the next time you go out and wave the long wand, tie on a Flyology fly and see the different for yourself. All Flyology patterns are tested for the best casting ability, resilience, and the reproduction of life like movement/action before being offered to you. We don't just take it for granted that a particular fly is an  exceptional pattern, we extensively trial it before we market it.

 We will better our competitors prices, so you save!

This is a no frills offer. To show you how good our flies are I will better any offer by an minimum of 5%, from any legitimate normal everyday price for most saltwater fly patterns from any other retail internet site or retail tackle store. If you see a red and white clouser on who's ever flies dot com for $1.95, I will tie that same fly for you at a cheaper price, if you see a blue and white deceiver for $3.95, same fly at a cheaper price. This offer will be in place to the end of the Australian financial year, that is June 30th 2005.  I think that is a great offer, and if you take it up you will also be eligible for the $150.00 worth of flies. To take this offer up just email me a current link to the site/fly/flies that you want, (must have a picture) or if a tackle store it must be an Australian tackle store, and the type of fly, manufacturer, and store phone number must be included also. and yes, this offer does put you in the draw to win over $150 worth of saltwater flies as mentioned below.

(best fly price offer does not include salmon, trout or billfish flies)  Not in conjunction  with the 10/15% off and free post offer at the bottom of this page.

Win over $150 worth of flies!!

Ok this is real easy. Just buy three Flyology products either online, or from your local stockist. Then simply send in the packet tops with the online entry form (right click and highlight save target as) and you are in the draw to win over $150 worth of brand new flies! Could it be any easier? I don't think so! Enter as many times as you like, however each entry form must be accompanied by three Flyology packet tops.

Now, for another Great Offer!

Websites take time to build, and as I spend a lot of time tying flies and testing them, (hey, we all need to have a de-stress mechanism) my site is taking time to complete. To compensate all the keen fly fishers out there for this, I will offer this great deal. 10% off selected purchases, and Free Freight/postage to anywhere in the world. As I said, the site is still under construction, so you can download a price list (excel format) and I will add pictures of flies to this page. So combine this great price reduction with the offer above, (win over $150.00 worth of great saltwater flies) and you can fill you fly box with quality flies without having to fork out a fortune. I will even go further to offer a 15% discount to orders over $100.00, and the same 15% discount if you are a financial member of a fly fishing club.

Tackle stores can contact me via email for a trade price list of flies and wind on leaders.

We have a policy that the customer is the most important part of a business, as a business without customers is no business at all. So we want to look after our customers, and keep them happy with our products. I like to keep my customers happy, be it an extra fly or two, express post on large orders, or additional leaders, We are dedicated to give you the best service possible. Feel free to email us with requests for pictures of specific patterns, or just a general inquiry. Just remember that I like to fishing also, so my reply may not be immediate, though it will be attended to as promptly as possible.




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Caught on Fly

a pan sized GT caught on a flyology proto-type "bongo-clouser"

Ok, the best part of fly tying is the testing. Someone has to do it, and I reckon it should be me!! enter here to see the fun I have fishing in the Northern Waters of Queensland, plus Flyology fly users pics of great fish.


    Tie your own?      Soon we will be providing a great range of saltwater fly tying materials including bucktail, deerhair krystal flash and other accessories for the saltwater fly fisher.


Flyology Flies, made to catch fish.
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